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池田 修(いけだ おさむ)(64 歳)が、
2022 年 3 月 16 日(水)午前 9 時 13 分、小脳出血のため永眠いたしました。


BankART1929 代表代行 細淵太麻紀


Osamu Ikeda, Director of the non-profit organization BankART1929, passed away at 9.13 am on Wednesday 16 March 2022 due to a cerebellum hemorrhage, at the age of sixty-four.
The staff of BankART1929 would like to express our deepest gratitude for all your kindness during his lifetime and respectfully inform you of his death. In accordance with the deceased's wishes, the wake and funeral service were conducted only in the presence of next-of-kin.
We would also like to inform you that we have declined flowers, offerings, and telegrams of condolence.
A farewell party is planned for mid-June at BankART1929. Once arrangements have been finalized, we will inform you.

BankART1929's Future
As for its future activities, Tamaki Hosobuchi, one of BankART’s co-founders and current deputy-director, will assume the role of acting representative and take over management of current activities. In addition, Fram Kitagawa, Tadashi Kawamata, Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto, and Yasuyuki Akimoto intend to organize an external structure to support the activities of the newly formed BankART1929. We would like to ask for the continued support of everyone who has been involved with BankART in Yokohama over the past eighteen years since 2004, as we continue to develop further pursuits under a new structure while inheriting BankART’s wide range of activities.

Tamaki Hosobuchi
BankART1929 Acting Director