Food, Art, People and the City

Food and Contemporary Art / Part 9

Dates: Thursday, November 2 through Saturday, December 2, 2023
Hours: 11:00am to 7:00pm
Open everyday
Venue: BankART Station (B1F “Shin-Takashima Station", 5-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama)
Admission Fee: ¥500 (Passport) *Events require a separate fee.

"Food and Contemporary Art" is a series of exhibitions initiated by BankART 19 years ago at the time of its opening, and this year marks the ninth iteration of the series. Besides exhibiting food-themed works of art within our facility, we have invited artists to exhibit their works in a variety of eateries, cafes, and neighboring retail sites. We have also organized workshops and talks by artists, experts, and proprietors of local businesses, operated a market that mixes food, drink, and art, and hosted a 'full-course' program that integrated a walk through the city. The program has taken many forms since its inception, including a series of special menus presented at the BankART Café & Pub.
The objective of "Food and Contemporary Art" is to unravel the private, regional, shared, violent, critical, chronological, and spatial aspects of food culture as they appear in art or through the lens of art. While "food" may be a quotidian part of our lives, "contemporary art" generally is an extraordinary experience for many people. While "food" may be a quotidian part of our lives, "contemporary art" generally is an extraordinary experience for many people. By backlighting the universal theme of food from art's perspective, the profound depth and expanse of food culture will surface and reveal those inherent universal themes embedded in each work of art.
This year's "Food, Art, People and the City" (organized by the Yokohama Portside Machizukuri Council and managed in cooperation with BankART1929) will take place in the Portside district of Yokohama, with concurring exhibition and events, transforming BankART Station into a relaxed space for exploring food-related experiences.

Participating Artists

Michiyoshi ISOZAKI, Emi OHTAGURO, kabu / hukazawa art laboratory planting lab, Takanori SHIMODERA (TAIYA), Mari TANIMOTO, chenshige, Mamoru HIRATA, Kanako FUKI, Junko MARUYAMA, Midori MITAMURA, Isamu MUTO + (Fumitaka KIMIZUKA + Yoshimasa KATO + Ayako FUDAMOTO), Makoto MURATA, Hiroaki MORITA, Mitsushi YANAIHARA, Young Soul, Chashitsu Project (Hana Masu Mokkō Miyadaiku Construction (Tea Room), Kenji FUJII (hanging scroll), Junko MARUYAMA (flower) and others

Workshops, Events, Talk Programs

Thursday, November 2, 7:00pm~
Opening Reception

Entry Fee: ¥2000

Friday, November 10, 7:30pm~
Talk program
"World Traveling Miyadaiku Built Mobile Teahouse"

by Chisato Ichikawa, proprietress of Hana Masu Mokkō Miyadaiku Construction (with tea ceremony)
Seating capacity: 20 people. Fee: ¥500

Saturday, November 11, 7:00pm~
Talk program
"Art and Life, What Is Beyond The Dietary Lifestyle, Homemade Natural Yeast Bread"

by Michiyoshi Isozaki (artist)
Participation Fee: ¥1000 (includes a light meal)

Friday, November 17, 7:30pm~
Talk program
“Affluent Contemporary Cuisine: a Common Ground between Art and Food"

by Masao Naito (director of favoris) Interviewer: Takuma Hayashi (Art Director)
Seating capacity: 25 people. Fee: ¥2000 yen (includes a light meal of vegetable based dishes)

Saturday, November 18, 2:00pm~
"Soap Making from Used Cooking Oil"

by Junko Maruyama (artist)
Participant capacity: 20 people. Fee: ¥1000

Sunday, November 19, 11:00am~
Communication Event
"Art & Breakfast Meeting"

by Midori Mitamura (artist)
Participant capacity: 20 people. Fee: ¥1000 (includes a light meal)

Thursday, November 23 (National Holiday), 1:00~7:00pm (as requested)
"Otemae of Artworks"

by Kenji Fujii (artist)

Friday, November 24, 7:30pm~
"Apple Day Distilling Experience"

by kabu / hukazawa art laboratory planting lab
Participant capacity: 15 people. Fee: ¥2000

Saturday, November 25, 1:00pm + 3:30pm
Sunday, November 26, 1:00pm + 3:30pm
"Artistic Autumn Tea Ceremony"

Wagashi making workshop
Wagashi instruction by Hiroaki Natori of the authentic wagashi school "Shiori."
Participant capacity: 12 people. Fee: ¥3,000

Friday, December 1, 5:30pm~10:00pm
"Opening of the inaugural BankART Pub"

Young Soul (artist)

Organized by: BankART1929
Co-organized by the City of Yokohama, Sports, Culture and Dynamic City Development Bureau
Supported by: Japan Arts Council

Concurrent event

Yokohama Portside District: The City of Art + Design
Food, Art, People and the City / Fall 2023

Dates: Thursday, November 2 ~ Saturday, December 2, 2023
Venues: Over 20 eateries, cafes, and retail sites in the Yokohama Portside District and neighboring areas

Organized by: Yokohama Portside Machizukuri Council
In Cooperation with: BankART1929