Yokohama Portside District: The City of Art + Design
Food, Art, People and the City / Fall 2023

Duration: Thursday, November 2 - Saturday, December 2, 2023

Exhibition dates and times are subject to the business days and hours of each store/facility.
Please purchase food and beverages at participating restaurants to view the exhibition.

The Yokohama Portside District has evolved into a redevelopment project based on the concept of an "art and design district" in conjunction with the development of the adjacent Minato Mirai 21 district. The sophisticated design of the streetscape and numerous public artworks are located in the district.
For this year's event, artworks will be exhibited in and around the Yokohama Portside District at restaurants, stores, office entrances, and other locations. Please explore the district and its surroundings with a map distributed at participating stores. Some stores will offer special services upon presentation of the map.
* Maps are provided at BankART Station (New Takashima Station) and participating stores.
Artworks will reveal themselves in the Yokohama Portside district's restaurants, stores, and surrounding areas! Enjoy food, art, people, and the city with a map in hand!

Participating Artists

Yusuke ASAI, Tatsuji USHIJIMA, Emi OHTAGURO, Junya KATAOKA + Rie IWATAKE, Mika SUGA, Masumi KURA, Ryota SHIIBASHI, Yosuke TAKAYAMA, Michiko MATSUMOTO, Koichi MITSUOKA, Makoto MURATA, Mari TANIMOTO, Masahiro HASUNUMA, Tomoko HASUWA, Kanako FUKI, Akinori MATSUMOTO, Aiko YAMAMOTO, Youngsoul

Exhibiting works of art in stores, offices, and outdoors

● Yokohama Portside District (in no particular order)

Yusuke ASAI

niko and ... Yokohama Bay Quarter, tables cook, Yokohama Umeya, CHICKEN EVERYDAY, Gooday Fresh Café (in the BayQuarter building)


Yokohama Portside Building, Portside Sakura Building, Outdoor site near Takaracho railroad crossing


Concurred Yokohama


Café de TKP (Concurred Yokohama 2F)


Espresso Americano Yokohama Creation Square (YCS)


Cafe Clicks



Mika KAN

Yokohama Display Museum


Yokohama Display Museum


Outdoor site near Takaracho railroad crossing


Horizon Japan International School Workshop
Friday, Nov 3 (Culture Day) + Saturday, Nov 4

kabu / hukazawa art laboratory planting lab

Horizon Japan International School Workshop
Sunday, Nov 5, Saturday, Nov 11 + Sunday, Nov 12

● Yokohama Central Market Street Merchants Association



Kanako FUKI

Gateau Yokohama

Masumi KURA

Tsutakin Shōten


1960 Coffee



kabu / hukazawa art laboratory planting lab

Flower Ninjin

● Other Surrounding sites


Grin House


Ainomi Bakery

● List of public art and pre-existing artworks in the Yokohama Portside District

We invite you to explore the "public art" and pre-existing artworks installed in the Portside District.

Ettore Sottsass: Plaza in front of Yokohama Portside Roi
Michael Graves: Softbank Telecom Yokohama International Communications Center
Kijuro Yahagi: Concurred Yokohama
Yuko Hishiyama: Yokohama Bay Quarter
Sense+KAZ: Café Clicks
Hideo Mori: Yokohama Creation Square
Atsuo Okamoto: Gallery Road
Nadim Karam: Plaza Eiko Fresh Food / Portside Store
(others TBD and listed on the map)

Food, Art, People and the City Yokohama Portside District: the City of Art & Design

Fall Art Workshops

Dates: Friday, Nov. 3 (Culture Day), Saturday, Nov. 4, Sunday, Nov. 5, Saturday, Nov. 11, Sunday, Nov.12
Venue: Horizon Japan International School 1F Community Center (1-24 Ohno-cho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama)

● Vegetable and Fruit Dyeing Workshop

Friday, November 3 (Culture Day / National Holiday) +
Saturday, November 4
Session 1: 11:00am - 1:00pm
Session 2: 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Participants will learn to make dyes from vegetables, fruits, tea, and other food-related materials and then create their original hand-dyed tote bags. The dyed fabrics will be yours to take home.
Instructor: Aiko Yamamoto (artist)
Registration fee: 1,000 yen (advance reservation and pre-payment required)

● Colorful Perfumery with Fruits and Herbs

Sunday, November 5 + Saturday, November 11
Session 1: 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Session 2: 3:30pm – 5:00pm

Participants will create original perfumes from seasonal fruits and herbs, bottled and ready to take home.
Instructor: kabu/ fukazawa art laboratory planting lab
Registration fee: 2,000 yen (advance reservation and prepayment required)
Open to 15 people per session|Adults and children (elementary school students and above, parents and children are welcome)

● Jamaican Cacao and Spice Time

Sunday, November 12
Session 1: 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Session 2: 3:30pm – 5:30pm

Savor the cacao and spices of Jamaica! Jamaican hot chocolate cacao balls (totally edible!) and cacao buttercream for your skin, all hand-made and to be taken home. Herbalteas and spices from Jamaica will also be available for purchase.
Instructor: kabu/ fukazawa art laboratory planting lab
Registration fee: 1500 yen (advance reservation and prepayment required)
Open to 15 people per session: Adults and children (elementary school students and above, parents and children are welcome)

Organized by: Yokohama Portside Machizukuri Council
In cooperation with: BankART1929

Art events to enliven Yokohama Portside: The City of Art + Design

(Pre-event Festival)

Dates: Thursday, November 2, 11:00-19:00
Venue: Kanagawa Toyota my Building, East side plaza, Cafe Clicks

Art truck, mini-concert, gourd lamps by yggpranks, and kitchen car on site

"Sakana Culture Festival 2023"

Dates: Saturday, November 4
Venue: Yokohama Port Yamauchi Pier

"View and Touch Makuzu Ware in DX digital 3D print"

Miyagawa Kozan Makuzu Ware Museum

Concurrent Events

Food and Contemporary Art / Part 9

Dates: Thursday, November 2 through Saturday, December 2, 2023
Hours: 11:00am to 7:00pm
Open everyday
Venue: BankART Station (B1F “Shin-Takashima Station", 5-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama)
Admission Fee: ¥500 (Passport) *Events require a separate fee.

Through the eyes of art, this exhibition unravels the private, local, shared, critical, historical, and spatial natures latent in food culture. Artworks will be exhibited in stores and offices in the Yokohama Portside area. In conjunction with the "Food, Art, People and the City" exhibition, an interlinking exhibition of food-related artworks and events will also be held at BankART Station.

Organized by: BankART1929
Co-organized by the City of Yokohama, Sports, Culture and Dynamic City Development Bureau
Supported by: Japan Arts Council

Related Events

Public Art Table

Dates: Friday, October 6 – Sunday, November 12
Venue: MM Grass Park (Minato Mirai 21, Art Plaza), King Axis area, Sakana Culture Festival 2023, Minato Mirai Park Day (Takashima Central Park), Kannai OPEN! 15 (former Daiichi Bank Yokohama Branch)

Centered in the Minato Mirai 21 district, 10 artists, designers, and architects have created a collection of unusual art tables in the city to foster interaction among a diverse group of people, thus forming new ways of connecting with each other and with the city. The project will be deployed in the following locations.